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MAY 31 2016

Summer Auction Season Starts With a Bang at Jackson's

The summer auction season started off with a bang at Jackson’s International’s auction of May 24th and May 25th, 2016. The multiple estate and collections auction featured treasures from around the world and attracted over 1,000 international bidders totaling $1.5 million in sales.

JAN 5 2015

Russian Arts & Antiques Sales Soar at Jackson's International November Fine Art Auction

The November auction at Jackson’s International totaled 3.6 million with an amazingly high sales rate of a little over 90 percent, almost double that of recent sales at many of the large auction houses, especially in the area of Russian arts and antiques for which Jackson’s has gained an international reputation and following.

JUN 17 2014

Russian Icon Sales Erupt at Jackson's International June Fine Art Auction

Two sessions and 2.75 million dollars in sales—that was the net result of the June 3rd and 4th auction at Jackson’s International. “It helps when you have good, fresh to the market material,” said President and CEO James Jackson. “As anyone in the trade can attest, it is easier to sell a really nice $100,000 item than a really nice $500 item,” Jackson continued.

DEC 30 2013

World Treasures Bidding Erupts in November Sale

It was as if a volcano of bids abruptly erupted in the midst of the cold windswept fields of northeast Iowa at Jackson's International auction of World Treasures this past November 19th and 20th. The 900 lot auction saw participation from 33 countries comprising over 600 registered bidders from around the globe and producing total sales right at two million dollars.