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Lot  1

EARLY RUSSIAN ICON SMOLENSK MOTHER OF GOD, C. 1550. Following the traditional cannons, rendered on a panel with double kovcheg and single slat (shponki) on verso and with traces of old gilding on gessoed ground. 12 inches x 9.5 inches (30.5 x 24cm).

Estimate: $750 - 1,000  € 675 - 900
Lot  2

EARLY RUSSIAN ICON, THE VLADIMIR MOTHER OF GOD, C. 1600. A classic rendering of this most beloved tenderness iconographic image. The maphorian of the Virgin, robe and hair of Christ embellished with chrysography. The overall proportions, style and composition in keeping with the iconography of the classic early period. The panel with raised double kovcheg and the verso with diminutive shponki (slats) typical of this period. 10 inches x 8.5 inches (25.5 x 21.5 cm).

Estimate: $1,500 - 2,500  € 1,350 - 2,250
Lot  3

A RUSSIAN ICON THE FIERCE EYE CHRIST, C. 1700. This is a shoulder length variant of the Lord Almighty. This type is distinguished by the stern expression, thus the popular title KHRISTOS YAROE OKO. The panel with double kovcheg. 12.25 inches x 10 inches (31cm x 21.5cm).

Estimate: $750 - 1,000  € 675 - 900
Lot  4

A RUSSIAN ICON OF THE DORMITION, C. 1600. Traditionally rendered, here Christ receives the soul of his mother as a swaddled infant as the Apostles gather around the Virgin reposed on a bier and below a sword wielding angel repeals the advances of a fanatical priest who tries to push the bier over. 12.3 inches x 10.1 inches (31.5cm x 26cm).

Estimate: $800 - 1,200  € 720 - 1,080
Lot  5

A RUSSIAN ICON OF ST. JOHN THE FORERUNNER, C. 1575. The offered icon is no doubt from a Diesis group. Known in Western Christianity as John the Baptist in Eastern Orthodoxy he is referred to as John the Forerunner (PREDTECHA) as he was the forerunner of Christ’s earthly ministry. Here he is depicted wearing a camel hair coat and is turned inward towards Christ in an attitude of prayer. A good old icon. 13.5 inches x 10.75 inches (34.5cm x 27.5cm).

Estimate: $1,000 - 2,000  € 900 - 1,800
Lot  6

A RUSSIAN ICON OF THE RESURRECTION AND DESCENT, C. 1600. At center, Christ is shown descending into Hades to release from bondage the righteous men and women from the Old Testament. It is surrounded by various scenes, including the crucifixion (upper left), and various post Resurrection scenes including the Accension (upper right). An elaborate icon with many scenes. 15 inches x 11.75 inches (38cm x 30cm).

Estimate: $800 - 1,200  € 720 - 1,080
Lot  7

A LARGE RUSSIAN SEDMITSUI ICON, 18TH CENTURY. Comprising a large and less frequently encountered iconographic image. The SEDMITSUI (of the week) type depicts all of the days of the week represented as festivals. Beginning at the upper left and continuing clockwise, The Resurrection (Sunday) Assembly of the Archangels (Monday), Beheading of John the Forerunner (Tuesday) the Annunciation (Wednesday) the Footwashing (Thursday), and the Crucifixion (Friday). Saturday is added as a gathering of “All Saints” beneath and image of the Extended Deisis (left quadrant). 20.5 inches x 15.8 inches (52cm x 40cm).

Estimate: $800 - 1,200  € 720 - 1,080
Lot  8

RUSSIAN ICON BIRTH OF THE MOTHER OF GOD, C 1650, YAROSLAVL. 12.75 inches x 10.25 inches (32.5cm x 26cm).

Estimate: $1,000 - 2,000  € 900 - 1,800
Lot  9

A RUSSIAN ICON OF THE DORMITION C. 1650. Traditionally rendered, here Christ receives the soul of his mother as a swaddled infant as the Apostles and other saints gather around the virgin reposed on a bier and below a sword wielding angel repeals the advances of a fanatical priest who tries to push the bier over. The panel with double raised kovcheg. 12.3 inches x 10.1 inches (31.5cm x 26cm).

Estimate: $750 - 1,000  € 675 - 900
Lot  10

AN ATTRACTIVE RUSSIAN ICON, 17TH CENTURY. Comprising a finely rendered icon in three registers. At the upper left the Kazan Mother of God, upper right the Descent into Hades, and below a gathering of 11 selected saints among them, St. John the Forerunner, two angels, the three Moscow Metropolitans, St. Mary of Egypt and others. The vestments finely painted with cystography and gemstones. 12 inches x 10.6 inches (3.5cm x 27cm)

Estimate: $600 - 900  € 540 - 810
Lot  11

A RUSSIAN ICON OF THE WEEK, C 1600. Although known, icons depicting the six-days (SHESTODNEV) are seldom encountered. They depict the various days of the week represented as festival types. On this example, the six days begin at the upper left with Sunday: The Resurrection, and continue clockwise with Monday: Assembly of the Archangels, Tuesday: Beheading of Jogn the Baptist, Wednesday: The Annunciation, Thursday: Footwashing, Friday: The Crucifixion. The iconographer has added the extended Diesis (left center) and the “Blessed” depicted in rooms symbolizing the “many mansion” mentioned in John 14:2 and representing Saturday. An interesting icon of a less frequently encountered subject. 12 inches x 10.5 inches (30cm x 27cm).

Estimate: $800 - 1,200  € 720 - 1,080
Lot  12

A GOOD OLD RUSSIAN ICON IN FOUR PARTS 16TH CENTURY. Equally divided in four parts or registers, at upper left are depicted three saints including St. Nicholas, an Old Testament figure, and a Warrior Saint. At upper right the Beheading of John the Forerunner, lower right three monastic saints and lower left three additional selected saints. The panel thinned. 12.5 inches x 10.25 inches (31cm x 26cm).

Estimate: $750 - 1,000  € 675 - 900