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Unsold Lots From April 25th-26th, 2023

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LARGE RUSSIAN ICON OF THE FEODOROVSKYA, 18TH CENTURY. Comprising a large and finely painted icon of the protectress of the House of Romanov-the Feodorovskya Kostromskaya Mother of God. Here, mother and child are depicted in a tender (umilenie) cheek-to-cheek embrace. The prototype is said to have been found hanging in an evergreen tree in the area of Kostroma by Prince Vasiliy Yaroslavich of Kostroma, on August 16, 1239. According to legend, the icon had been in a church dedicated to Holy Theodore Stratilates in Gorodets. When Mongols invaded, the townspeople fled in terror, leaving the icon behind. But in 1239 the inhabitants of Kostroma saw the icon being carried through the streets by a mysterious warrior whom they believed to be Holy Theodore (Feodore - Russian) himself, thus the name "Feodorovskya." In the early 17th century, the icon was carried by the deputation which implored young Mikhail Romanov to become Tsar of Russia, and it was used to bless him upon his ascension to the throne. It thus became the patron of the house of Romanov, whose power ended with the abdication and murder of Tsar Nicholas II in 1918. The lower margin is inscribed with a narrative relating to the history of this icon type. It reads: "This Holy Image Is A Copy Of The Wonderworking Image Of The Most Holy Mother Of God Called ‘Of Feodor,' Which Is In The Town Of Kostroma. The Appearance of this life-giving image was in the year 6747 [1239]. The celebration of its appearance is set on March, the 14th day. This Holy Wonderworking Image Appeared To Vasily Georgevich Of Kostroma And Galicia, Son Of The Great Prince Yaroslav Of Vladimir And Grandfather Of The Venerable And Good-Believing And Great Prince Alexander Nevskiy." 25.75 inches x 19.25 inches (65.5 x 48.5cm).

Estimate: $2,000 - 3,000  € 1,860 - 2,790
Oil on canvas
Signed lower left and inscribed on verso in Russian
42 inches x 29.75 inches (107 x 76cm), unframed
Estimate: $150 - 250  € 140 - 233
V. STEPANETZ  (Ukrainian 20th century)
A Monk Icon Painter
Oil on canvas
Signed on verso in Cyrillic V. Stepanetz
35.25 inches x 35.25 inches (90 x 90 cm), unframed
Estimate: $150 - 250  € 140 - 233

A RARE RUSSIAN ICON OF ST. PAUL OF THEBES, C. 1890. Comprising a finely painted icon of the rarely encountered subject of Saint Paul of Thebes. Painted in an arched reserve with incised gilt and faux cloisonné enameled borders. The inscription above his head identifies him as The Holy Venerable Paul of Thebes. Commonly known as Paul the First Hermit or Paul the Anchorite, he was an Egyptian saint regarded as the first Christian hermit, who was claimed to have lived alone in the desert of Thebes, Roman Egypt from the age of sixteen to the age of one hundred and thirteen. 7 inches x 5.5 inches (18 x 14cm).

Estimate: $400 - 600  € 372 - 558

RUSSIAN ICON, ARCHANGEL GABRIEL. Finely painted and executed on an oval panel, here Gabriel announces the good news to Mary that she will give birth to The Savior. Likely once installed in the Royal Doors of an iconostas, left side. The inscription above his head reads BLAGOVYSHCHENIE (Annunciation of Good News). 15.75 inches x 9.75 inches (39.9 x 24.7cm).

Estimate: $600 - 900  € 558 - 837

RUSSIAN ICON, SAINT NICHOLAS, PROBABLY 17TH C. Traditionally depicted with losses and restorations. 12.25 inches x 10.25 inches (31.1 x 26.2cm).

Estimate: $500 - 750  € 465 - 698
Lot  195 Sold

THREE RUSSIAN ICONS, 18TH/19TH CENTURY. Comprising three finely painted Russian icons, the first depicting the three Hierarchs (18th Century), 7.5 inches x 6 inches (19 x 15 cm), an icon of Christ around 1800, 7 inches x 5.5 inches (18 x 14.5 cm), and an icon of the Mother of God of unexpected Joy with silver frame, hallmarked Moscow 1896 ‐ 1908, and with Maker's Mark AM for Aleksandr Mukhin, 7.25 inches x 6 inches (18 x 15.5 cm). A nice group.

Estimate: $500 - 1,000  € 465 - 930
Lot  201 Sold

RUSSIAN ICON OF JOHN THE FORERUNNER, 18TH CENTURY. At center is depicted the winged John the Baptist holding a cross, a chalice, and a scroll, which begins "Behold the Lamb of God which takes away the sins of the world," he is further surrounded with various scenes of his life including his birth lower left. 12.25 inches x 10.5 inches (31.2 x 26.7 cm).

Estimate: $350 - 500  € 326 - 465
J. DELARGE  (French 19th/20th C.)
Oil on canvas
Signed, titled & dated lower right
32 inches x 24.25 inches (81 x 61.5cm), unframed
Estimate: $250 - 350  € 233 - 326
Attributed to  SHELDON PECK (American 1797-1868)
Portrait of a Gentleman
Oil on pressed paper card
Bears inscription on verso, Batavia Illinois
21.5 inches x 17. 75 inches
Estimate: $800 - 1,200  € 744 - 1,116
  ANDREAS STRICKNER (Austrian 1863 ‐ 1949)
Portrait of Ku.K. Major Maximilian Pühringer ‐ 1910
Oil on canvas
Signed top right and titled on verso
25 inches x 17.75 inches (63.5 x 45.1cm), unframed
Estimate: $200 - 300  € 186 - 279
Lot  328 Sold
MATHIAS DERIX  (German 1904-1989)
Portrait of a Man in Uniform - 1947
Oil on wood panel
Signed upper left "Ballmann, M. Derix" and inscribed and dated middle right "Pemplefort 28 Dey 47" with monogram beneath
12.6 inches x 9.25 inches (32 x 23.5cm), overall measurement including frame 15.25 inches x 11.25 inches (38.7 x 28.6cm)
Estimate: $100 - 200  € 93 - 186