Lot  1

A FINE PAIR OF RUSSIAN ICONS OF THE ANNUNCIATION, C. 1600.  Comprising a pair of icons constituting the upper section of a pair of Royal Doors or Tsar Doors (Tsarskiye Dveri), so called because the passage of the sacraments, the King of Glory, through them during the liturgy. They are situated at floor level in the center of the iconostasis. They are most often painted with the four Evangelists and at the top with the Annunciation, as in the offered lot. The BLAGOVYESHCHENIE (Annunciation of the Good News) depicts the Archangel Gabriel (left) announcing the coming birth of Christ to Mary. A fine and important set. 19.25 inches x 14.25 inches each (49 x 36cm).

Estimate: $3,000 - 5,000  € 2,790 - 4,650
Price Realized: $3,750.00 
Lot  2

A RUSSIAN ICON OF CHRIST, POSSIBLY 17TH CENTURY. Traditionally painted and adhering to the old cannon, Christ delivers a blessing and holds an open book of Gospels to "All things have been delivered to me by my father, no one knows the son except the father" (Mathew 11:27). 11 inches x 9 inches (28.8 x 22.8cm).

Estimate: $600 - 900  € 558 - 837
Price Realized: $1,250.00 
Lot  3

A VERY FINE RUSSIAN ICON, YAROSLAVL, CIRCA 1690. Known in Western Christianity as John the Baptist, he is commonly called John the Forerunner in Eastern Orthodoxy. In the New Testament he was the forerunner of Christ's earthly ministry, and in the apocryphal Gospel of Nicodemus, he was also the precursor of Christ's descent into Hades. In this example, John is seen as an "Angel of the Wilderness," depicted with wings and wearing a hair shirt. The wings derive from the double meaning of the Greek word used to describe him in Mark 1:2, "As it is written in Isaiah, the prophet, behold I send thy angelos (meaning both messenger and angel) before thy face, who shall prepare the way before thee." John holds a staff in his right hand and in his left hand he holds a salver containing his head and a scroll which begins, "At that time Herod, the tetrarch, heard of the fame of Jesus…" (Matthew 14:1). He is surrounded with related scenes. Clockwise from the lower left corner as inscribed on the border is the ZACHATIE SVYATAGO IOANN PREDTECHA: "The Conception Holy John the Forerunner." Next is the "Birth of John," followed by "An Angel Taking the Child John into the Wilderness," there to remain until he comes of age. Continuing we see "The Assembly of Holy John the Forerunner" (the crowds assemble at the Jordan for baptism), "The Beheading of John the Forerunner" and the "Finding of the Honorable Head of John the Forerunner," in this case the third of three such discoveries. In an excellent state of preservation. 12.5 inches x 11 inches (32 x 28cm). Lot accompanied by exhibition catalog in which the offered lot is illustrated.

Estimate: $3,000 - 5,000  € 2,790 - 4,650
Price Realized: $4,750.00 
Lot  4

LARGE RUSSIAN ICON OF THE FEODOROVSKYA, 18TH CENTURY. Comprising a large and finely painted icon of the protectress of the House of Romanov-the Feodorovskya Kostromskaya Mother of God. Here, mother and child are depicted in a tender (umilenie) cheek-to-cheek embrace. The prototype is said to have been found hanging in an evergreen tree in the area of Kostroma by Prince Vasiliy Yaroslavich of Kostroma, on August 16, 1239. According to legend, the icon had been in a church dedicated to Holy Theodore Stratilates in Gorodets. When Mongols invaded, the townspeople fled in terror, leaving the icon behind. But in 1239 the inhabitants of Kostroma saw the icon being carried through the streets by a mysterious warrior whom they believed to be Holy Theodore (Feodore - Russian) himself, thus the name "Feodorovskya." In the early 17th century, the icon was carried by the deputation which implored young Mikhail Romanov to become Tsar of Russia, and it was used to bless him upon his ascension to the throne. It thus became the patron of the house of Romanov, whose power ended with the abdication and murder of Tsar Nicholas II in 1918. The lower margin is inscribed with a narrative relating to the history of this icon type. It reads: "This Holy Image Is A Copy Of The Wonderworking Image Of The Most Holy Mother Of God Called ‘Of Feodor,' Which Is In The Town Of Kostroma. The Appearance of this life-giving image was in the year 6747 [1239]. The celebration of its appearance is set on March, the 14th day. This Holy Wonderworking Image Appeared To Vasily Georgevich Of Kostroma And Galicia, Son Of The Great Prince Yaroslav Of Vladimir And Grandfather Of The Venerable And Good-Believing And Great Prince Alexander Nevskiy." 25.75 inches x 19.25 inches (65.5 x 48.5cm).

Estimate: $2,000 - 3,000  € 1,860 - 2,790
Lot  5

A VERY FINE RUSSIAN ICON, ST. PARASKEVA, C. 1800. Comprising a very finely painted icon of the 3rd century female martyr saint from Iconium. Rendered on a gilt ground, here she is depicted wearing the martyrs red, and being given the martyrs crown by finely painted angels. She delivers a blessing with her right hand and holds a scroll which is inscribed with the "Symbol of Faith" (Nicean Creed). The left border is painted with the Guardian Angel and the right border with St. Paul the Confessor. The upper margin with ornate, condensed inscription identifying her as Святая мученица Параскева, нареченная Пятницею ‐ The Holy Martyr Paraskeva who is called Friday. Overlaid with a heavily repoussed and chased gilded oklad of very high quality. Overall, in an excellent state of preservation. 12.25 inches x 10.5 inches (31 x 26.5cm). Superb!

Estimate: $750 - 1,000  € 698 - 930
Price Realized: $1,875.00 
Lot  6

RUSSIAN PRESENTATION ICON OF ST. GEORGE, MOSCOW, 1814. Comprising a finely painted image of St. George atop a white stallion wearing Roman armor as he thrusts his lance into the dragon beneath him, held on a leash by the Princess Elizaveta at right as her parents, the king and queen, look on from the battlements of the castle, possibly Palekh. Overlaid with a heavy silver, repoussé and chased oklad with enamel title plaque. The verso of icon and edge of oklad engraved with dedicatory inscription, "In reminiscence of my Blessing, to George Ivanovich Oleshev, February 1st 1871 in the village of Ust-Uda, Ivan Oleshev." The oklad hallmarked Moscow, dated 1814, Cyrillic makers mark AG likely for Andre Grigoriev. 11.5 inches x 9.5 inches (29 x 24cm).

Estimate: $2,500 - 4,000  € 2,325 - 3,720
Price Realized: $6,250.00 
Lot  7

SIGNED RUSSIAN ICON, SAINT JOHN IN SILENCE. Here is depicted the Evangelist and Apostle Saint John contemplating his gospels, on the left is an eagle, the symbol for John, who's gospels soar above all the other writers, and at upper right an angel of the Lord whispers divine inspiration into his ear. The book before him is inscribed with the text which begins his Gospels "In the beginning was the word, and the word was with God, and the word was God." (John 1:1.). Further, at mid right, the icon is signed "Painted by Ivan Denisov." Overlaid with an ornate heavy repousse and chased silver oklad with gilded halo, hallmarked Saint Petersburg, circa 1800, and with Cyrillic maker's mark PR. 12.75 inches x 10.25 inches (32.5 x 26cm).

Estimate: $800 - 1,200  € 744 - 1,116
Price Realized: $1,500.00 
Lot  8

RUSSIAN ICON, EXTENDED DIESIS, 18th CENTURY. Comprising a finely painted icon of the extended Diesis with the addition of various saints including Saint Peter, Saint Paul, Saint Andrew, the Apostle Saint John, Saints Zosima, and Savatiy, overlaid with a stunning gilded silver, repousse and chased oklad, in the Rococo taste. Indistinguishably hallmarked, possibly Kazan, and indistinguishable maker's mark.12.25 inches x 10.5 inches (31.1 x 26.6cm).

Estimate: $1,000 - 1,500  € 930 - 1,395
Price Realized: $2,000.00 
Lot  9

LARGE & FINE RUSSIAN ICON, ST NICHOLAS. Comprising a large and impressive icon depicting Saint Nicholas as a Bishop delivering a blessing and holding a book of Gospels to the Sermon on the Mount. Overlaid with a repousse and chased silver plated riza, circa 1880. 19.25 inches x 15.25 inches (49 x 39cm).

Estimate: $600 - 900  € 558 - 837
Price Realized: $2,250.00 
Lot  10

RUSSIAN ICON, VLADMIRSKAYA, 18TH C. Comprising a fine and tenderly painted image of the Vladimir Mother of God, executed in the 16th century style, and overlaid with a gilded and chased oklad, possibly silver but unmarked. 12.75 inches x 10.25 inches (32.5 x 26cm).

Estimate: $800 - 1,200  € 744 - 1,116
Price Realized: $1,250.00 
Lot  11

RUSSIAN ICON, SAINT NICHOLAS WITH LIFE SCENES, 19TH C. At center, a half length image of Saint Nicholas and the borders with twelve scenes from his life, each with corresponding inscriptions identifying the scenes. Overlaid with a repousse and chased oklad with cloisonné enameled corner plaques and medallions. 13.25 inches x 11.75 inches (34 x 29.5cm).

Estimate: $1,200 - 1,800  € 1,116 - 1,674
Price Realized: $1,063.00 
Lot  12

LARGE & IMPORTANT RUSSIAN PROCESSIONAL ICON, C. 1890. Comprising a large and important processional icon depicting the Petersburg Kazan Mother of God (казанская петербургская) and the Petersburg image of the Savior Not Made By Hands. Both images represent perhaps the most well-known and venerated icons of pre-revolutionary St. Petersburg. The thick and heavy shaped wood panel heavily gilded and ornately incised and painted to simulate cloisonné enamel. Additionally, each image is painted in such a way as to reflect the original icon as contained in its ornately decorated, gem encrusted oklad. The base of icon would need to be drilled with receptacle hole to accommodate a handle or pole for procession. Icons such as the offered lot were often used in large outdoor religious processions. Often one encounters much smaller examples of individual icons depicting either subject which were readily available for pilgrims to acquire at each shire usually at a small kiosk near the entrance of each cathedral. 34.25 inches x 23 inches (87 x 58.5cm).

Estimate: $3,000 - 5,000  € 2,790 - 4,650
Price Realized: $5,750.00