Lot  491

A RUSSIAN ICON OF ST. GEORGE, 19TH C. Here St. George is depicted thrusting a lance into a dragon beneath him as Princess Elizaveta looks on from the right. Overlaid with a spectacular repoussé and chased silver-plated oklad with the name of St. George engraved on the lower margin. 12.5 inches x 10.5 inches (31.5 x 26.5 cm).

Estimate: $400 - 600  € 364 - 546
Price Realized: $688.00 
Lot  492

RUSSIAN ICON OF THE MYRRH-BEARING WOMEN, C. 1900.  A large and impressive icon in the Abramstevo School style, depicting three women holding Myrrh and visiting the empty tomb of Christ. The gilt inscription at top reads "Myrrh-Bearing Women" and the central female figure is identified as the Mother of God. Note in the distance a sunrise silhouetting the three crosses atop cavalry. A less frequently encountered subject. 16.5 inches x 15.5 inches (42 x 40 cm).

Estimate: $350 - 500  € 319 - 455
Price Realized: $688.00 
Lot  493

RUSSIAN ICON OF THE AKHTUIRSKAYA MOTHER OF GOD.  The prototype for this icon appeared on July 2, 1739, when the priest Daniil Vasiliev found it in the grass while mowing with a scythe. It is named for the town, Akhtuirka, where it was found in the province of Kharkov. 15.25 inches x 13 inches (38.5 x 33 cm).

Estimate: $150 - 300  € 137 - 273
Price Realized: $469.00 
Lot  494

RUSSIAN ICON THE ARCHANGEL MICHAEL, 19TH C.  Here is depicted a colorful image of the commander of the Heavenly Armies wearing breast armor holding a fiery sword and with a shield emblazoned with a Trinitarian symbol. He is identified with the abbreviated inscription at top center as the Holy Archangel Michael. 16.5 inches x 12 inches (42 x 30.5 cm).

Estimate: $200 - 300  € 182 - 273
Price Realized: $563.00 
Lot  495

LARGE RUSSIAN ICON OF THE ANNUNCIATION, 19TH C.  A large and impressive beautifully painted image of The Annunciation executed on an oval panel. Here is depicted at left the Archangel Gabriel, announcing to the Virgin Mary, who was studying her scriptures, that she will give birth to the savior as a dove (representing the Holy Spirit) descends upon her. The Slavonic inscription above Gabriel reads "The Annunciation." (BLAGOVYESHCHENIE) and the abbreviated inscription above The Virgin reads The Most Holy Mother of God. In an excellent state of original preservation. 21.5 inches x 17 inches (55 x 43 cm).

Estimate: $500 - 800  € 455 - 728
Price Realized: $1,375.00 
Lot  496

A LARGE RUSSIAN ICON ST. SERGIY OF RADONEZH, 19TH C.  A large and impressive icon depicting a full-length image of this popular 14th century major Russian spiritual leader. He is shown wearing the monastic garment called the great skema and holding a scroll which is inscribed "Whoever without murmuring keeps my rule will increase the monastery and be…." 21.75 inches x 19 inches (55.5 x 48.5 cm).

Estimate: $300 - 400  € 273 - 364
Price Realized: $500.00 
Lot  497

A RUSSIAN ICON OF THE EVANGELIST MARK, C. 1890.  A large and finely rendered image of the Evangelist Mark writing his Gospels and behind him his symbol a winged lion. Executed on an ogee arched panel with ornately incised gilt field. He is identified by the inscription above his head as The Holy Evangelist Mark. 17.75 inches x 14 inches (45.5 x 35.5 cm).

Estimate: $400 - 500  € 364 - 455
Price Realized: $1,500.00 
Lot  498

LARGE RUSSIAN ICON OF CHRIST, 19TH CENTURY.  Depicting a large and impressive icon of Christ as the Lord Almighty on a shaped wood panel, wearing ornate jewel embellished vestments and mitre style crown similarly decorated and with both hands delivering a blessing. On the upper margin an inscribed cartouche bearing the title for this image "The Lord Almighty." The background ornately incised with repeating patterns and the border decorated to simulate cloisonné enameling. Overall size 39 inches x 33 inches (99 x 84 cm).

Estimate: $800 - 1,200  € 728 - 1,092
Price Realized: $3,000.00 
Lot  499

RUSSIAN ICON OF THE HOLY FACE, C. 1890.  Comprising a finely painted image of the face of Christ as it was miraculously transferred onto a cloth held aloft by two angels in each upper corner. The gilded borders heavily incised with strapwork and florals and painted to simulate cloisonné enameling. Retaining the original varnish coat. 12.25 inches x 10.25 inches (31 x 36.5 cm).

Estimate: $250 - 500  € 228 - 455
Price Realized: $344.00 
Lot  500

LARGE DOUBLE-SIDED RUSSIAN ICON CIRCA 1890.  Comprising a large and impressive double-sided processional icon depicting the Sign Mother of God and Saint Nicholas. Each colorfully painted on an incised gilt field and the borders intricately decorated in faux enamel. (losses). 17.5 inches x 14.75 inches (44.5 x 37.5 cm).

Estimate: $250 - 500  € 228 - 455
Price Realized: $594.00 
Lot  501

LARGE RUSSIAN ICON OF THE TRINITY, 19TH C.  Comprising a large and impressive icon depicting at center an image of The Old Testament Trinity and in each corner are depicted the Four Evangelists against a cross pattern background and the borders ornately decorated with colorful faux cabochons. This is a depiction of the meeting of Abraham and the Trinity Angels at the Oak of Mamre (Genesis 18: 1-15). Abraham's wife Sarah was barren. Three angels appear to tell them God's promise that Sarah will conceive a son, Isaac. Sarah, who was ninety at the time, listens from inside the tent. The angels symbolize the Holy Trinity. While it is rare, in this example inscriptions identify them from left to right as "God the Son," "God the Holy Spirit," and "God the Father." The Stoglav Council of 1551 forbade such individual naming of angels because it was considered heretical. 21 inches x 15 inches (53.5 x 38.5 cm).

Estimate: $350 - 500  € 319 - 455
Price Realized: $938.00 
Lot  502

A LARGE RUSSIAN ICON OF CHRIST ENTHRONED, 19TH C.  Comprising a large and impressive icon of Christ executed on an ogee arched shaped wood panel with slightly raised decorative border. Here Christ is depicted as the high priest seated on a throne delivering a blessing and holding an open book of Gospels to Matthew 11:28. Likely once part of an iconostas in a small chapel or village church. 27.75 inches x 22.25 inches (70.5 x 57 cm).

Estimate: $500 - 750  € 455 - 683
Price Realized: $1,250.00