Summer World Treasures Auction

June 23rd-24th, 2020

auction closed

Richard H. ‘Dick’ Hurst Lifetime Collection

Jackson’s is honored to present the lifetime collection from the estate of the late Richard Hurst (1929-2017) featuring an exceptional offering of world class furnishings and decorative arts including sculpture, paintings, carved furniture, jewelry and much more.

Norma Cunningham Lifetime Collection

Featuring the Norma Cunningham lifetime collection of American Victorian art glass and aesthetic movement silver plated decorative arts. Comprising over 250 of the best examples of aesthetic movement silver plate baskets, boxes, compotes, baskets, epergnes, tazzas and frames including accompanying art glass inserts and elements.

Dr. Reid and Nuray Palmer Collection

Also featuring the Dr. Reid and Nuray Palmer collection. Jackson's international is pleased to present, what is without question, the most significant collection of vintage enameled Bohemian glassware (a.k.a. Mary Gregory Glass). Comprising over 750 individual pieces consisting of some of the rarest examples in color, quality, size, and shape. Many of which are illustrated in the Robert and Deborah Truitt book Mary Gregory Glassware.

Victorian art glass
Sampling of the over 250 pieces of exceptional American Victorian art glass and aesthetic movement silver plated decorative arts from the Norma Jean Cunningham collection, Grand Island, Nebraska. All sold at NO RESERVE!
Bohemian art glass
Sample of Reed & Barton dresser sets as illustrated in the book Mary Gregory Glassware by Robert and Deborah Truitt from the Palmer collection, greatest height 20 inches.
Richard Hurst collection
A small sampling of items from the Richard Hurst lifetime estate collection.
Bohemian art glass
Exceptional gilt and enameled Bohemian art glass including some Moser examples, as well as others.
Bohemian art glass
Large and important Bohemian (a.k.a Mary Gregory) cranberry enameled glassware of the highest caliber from the Palmer collection.
Bohemian art glass
Sampling of exceptional enamel vases from the Palmer collection with painting of the highest quality, height 20 inches.
Bohemian art glass
Sampling of the over 100 enameled art glass boxes from the Palmer collection, including early examples of the highest quality.