Important World Treasures

November 19th-20th, 2019

Auction closed

Over 700 exceptional lots. Featuring the lifetime estate collection of the late Guy Johnson (1933-2019) including over 75 pieces of French art glass, American & European porcelain, ceramics, and glassware, as well as American & European oil paintings, furniture, and Imperial Russian works. Featuring items from various estate and collections including the estate of Patricia Ann Montross (1920 – 2019), the lifetime collection of Russian émigré George Odarchenko (1929 -1999), the Dr. Frank Kulik collection, Scottsdale, Arizona, and the collection of Mrs. Norma Jean Cunningham, Grand Island, Nebraska, plus items deaccessioned from a Midwest religious institution and many others.

Grant Wood oil on canvas
Grant Wood (American 1891-1942), Oil on Canvas

Featuring the Lifetime Collection of American and European Fine Art of
Guy Charles Johnson (1933-2019)

Collecting objects would seem to be something resembling a human instinct and collecting all manner of items has been a common pastime for scholars, philosophers and individuals of every culture for literally thousands of years. The innate desire to collect, study and subsequently enjoy objects is recorded as far back as ancient Greece, China, and Egypt. But just what motivates the collector is as unique and varied as the objects they collect and as diverse as the collectors themselves. To be certain, most every collector develops a sincere desire to understand various cultures and epochs through the objects they created almost as if by handling and learning about them they can somehow be transported back to that time and place.

It is because of studious collectors, such as Guy Johnson, who assemble and care for historical objet d’ arts they so enjoy, that future generations of collectors can also come to have a better understanding and henceforth an appreciation of such wonderful works of art.

Mr. Guy Johnson Guy Charles Johnson was born in Marinette, Wisconsin in 1933. A serious childhood illness resulted in Guy spending a great deal of time at home convalescing which his parents felt could also be used as an opportunity to study piano. Early on it was apparent that Guy had an aptitude for piano and by age thirteen he was placed under the tutelage of noted Milwaukee based pianist Irma Hall. After years of study Guy enrolled at the University of Wisconsin and in 1955 graduated with a BA and the following year with a Master of Music from Indiana University.

Over the course of his professional career Guy Johnson has taught and performed piano coast to coast. From 1956-1957 he was the Assistant professor of Piano at Drury College, Springfield Missouri, from 1959-1968 Luther College, Decorah, Iowa and from 1968-1995 Associate Professor of Music, Friends University, Wichita, Kansas, from whence he retired.

Guy’s love of arts and antiques would eventually evolve into the creation of Remarkable Estate Sales of Wichita Kansas which was founded and managed by Guy’s partner and noted violinist John J.J. Hancock (1941-2007). In this capacity both J.J. and Guy became well known fixtures in the fine art and antiques community for managing some of Wichita’s most notable estate sales.

Many of the objects in the collection were acquired specifically so that Guy and J.J. could familiarize themselves with the uniqueness and quality of various types of antiques and the techniques employed by their manufacturers. This firsthand knowledge allowed them to be able to identify an original from a reproduction, and an average quality example to something spectacular. From oil paintings by important American and European artists to fine art glass such as Tiffany as well as a large collection of French Art Deco period glass by Schneider to over 1000 pieces of Reed & Barton Francis I sterling, as well as porcelain, furnishings and more, the Guy Johnson collection is a virtual cavalcade of fine arts from around the world spanning decades.

To many, Guy was known as the consummate piano teacher, a mentor, wise counselor and sculptor of raw talent, to others, an expert on antiques and decorative arts. However, to all who knew him it can be said, Guy Johnson was simply a delightful gentleman in the real sense of the word and a true friend to all.

Jackson’s is pleased to have been selected by Guy to bring his collection to market for a new generation of collectors to enjoy.

Steinway grand piano
Lot 485: Fine Steinway Classic Grand Piano, Model B
Donald Roller Wilson
Lot 173: Donald Roller Wilson (American B. 1938-), Oil on Canvas
Francis I sterling service
Lot 269: Seven Piece Francis I Sterling Tea & Coffee Service