Important Books, Manuscripts & Works on Paper at Auction

Featuring the Lifetime Collection of Jose Antonio Danobeitia (1942-2011) Ontario, Canada

September 26th, 2017

Beginning at 10:00 am in our main gallery

Lots 1-188

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17th, 18th, & 19th Century Books:

Two volume "The History of Japan" with maps, by Engelberto Kaempfero 1727; two "Bilblia Hebraica" 1584; four volume set "El ingenioso hidaldo Don Quixote de la Mancha" 1780; "Don Fernando por la graciade Dios, et al"1756; a 16th century Illuminated manuscript- "Porchanciller"; "Caprichos" by Francisco Goya circa 1856; "Los Desastres de la Guerra" by Francisco Goya circa 1863; "Atlas Dessins D’un Monument Egyptien" (Empress Josephine Bonaparte’s book of the dead) by Alexandre Lenoir 1812; "The Complaint, and the Consolation; or Night Thoughts" by William Blake and Edward Young; a ten volume set with folio atlas "Voyages du Chevalier Chardin, En Perse et Autre Lieux de L’Orient" by Jean Chardin 1811; "The Poems, letters and land of Robert Burns" illustrated by W.H. Barlett 1840; "The Adventures of Don Quixote" 1746; four volume "History, Life and Voyages of Christpher Columbus" by Washington Irving 1828; seven volume "The Vie Aristique" by Gustave Jeffory 1892; four volume "The History of Don Quixote" by Ozell 1743; "The Spirit of Don Quixote" by Charles Tilt 1831; "Prodigiosa Vida" by Father Joseph Gomez 1761; and works by other authors and illustrators.

Limited Edition Art Folios:

Over 80 loose bound art folios of various size up to atlas, the majority signed including works by Pablo Picasso: "Dans L’atelier de Picasso", "Dos Contes with Deux Contes", "Non Vouloir" and "Le Pere Goriot", "Corps Perdu" and "Carmen" plus bound editions including "Picasso: Venti Pochoirs Originali" by Franco Russoli, "Pablo Picasso Grabados al Linoleo" by Pablo Picasso, "Ces Peintres Nos Amis, Tome II" by Picasso and Duclaud, and "Picasso" by Jean Cocteau; also works by Salvador Dali including: twelve volumes in folio "La Divine Comédie"; "Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland", "Les Caprices de Goya de Salvador Dali", five volume "Biblia Sacra" (Magni Luxus ed.), "Le Bestiare de la Fontaine Dalinise", "Homage a Messonier", " Mao Tse-Toung Poems" and "Apollinaire"; also Robert Motherwell’s "Octavio Paz Suite" and "Tres Poemas"; Joan Miro’s "Les Essences de la Terre", "Femmes", "Flux de L’aimant" and "Derriere le Miroir DLM"; Robert Indiana "The American Dream", Henri Matisse "Poemes de Charles d’Orleans", "Le Signe de Vie" and "Visages"; Andre Malraux & Marc Chagall "Et sur la Terre"; Andre Masson’s "Sonnets" and "L’Odyssee"; Kees van Dongen "Regards sur Paris"; plus folios or books illustrated by Grau Sala, Prosper Merimee, Cecil Saint-Laurent, and others.

Old Master Prints, Watercolors and Other Works on Paper:
Circa 1600-1940

Over 50 lots of Old Master prints and engravings by various artists as well as original watercolor designs, illuminated works and paintings as well as works in charcoal. Including interior church designs, stained glass cartoons, original vintage postcard illustration artwork, 19th century artist’s sketch book pages and more. Works by Gerard de Jode (Dutch 1509-1591), Marten de Vos (Flemish 1532-1603), Adriaen de Weerdt (1510-1590), Philips Galle (1537-1612) and original works by note illustrator Charles Bosseron Chambers (1883-1964) and many others. Also nice President elect Kennedy signed letter with supporting materials.

Francisco Goya Los Desastres de la Guerra 1863 with 80 etchings by Francisco Goya
Don Quixote El ingenioso hildago Don Quixote de la Mancha four volumes first edition printed in 1780
Henry Matisse VISAGES, 1946 first edition by Pierre Reverdy with illustrations by Henry Matisse
Salvador Dali Salvador Dali lithograph from the Biblica Sacra