World Treasures: Important Russian, Asian, European & American Fine Art

November 29th-30th, 2016

auction closed

Featuring a number of important estate collections fresh to the market including the important collection of the late Jerry Pabst (1937-2016) Omaha, Nebraska, the late Mrs. Nell Rankin, New York, the estate of Jerome and Caroline Ash, Detroit, Michigan, items from U.S. Ambassador to the Soviet Union, Laurence Adolf Steinhardt (1892-1950), the Thomas Moreland collection and many others.
Over 150 oil paintings and bronzes by first tiered American and European artists as well as a wide variety of important American, European, and Asian decorative arts of every kind, including over 20 L.C. Tiffany table and floor lamps. Over 100 pieces of L.C. Tiffany, and over 150 pieces of Carder Steuben, English & French cameo art glass, also over 300 pieces of Chinese and Japanese ceramics, enameled works, silver and carvings ranging from ancient period through 19th C. plus over 50 pieces of French period style furnishings including marble topped, marquetry and gilt bronze mounted, also exceptional silver and sterling incl. Tiffany, plus bronze and carved marble sculptures, over 125 pcs of Meissen porcelain incl. palace sized urns, KPM and Royal Vienna portraits, an important collection of Indo-Persian edged weapons, plus fine Imperial Russian, German, French, British, Austrian, Italian, decorative arts with specimens from circa 1600-1920.

Featured Collections
For astute collectors the world over, it is always interesting when items from important collections unexpectedly appear on the market oftentimes after having been out of the public’s eyes since they were first acquired by the collector years earlier. Jackson’s International is pleased to offer a group of truly spectacular items from two such collections; that of the late Mr. Jerry Pabst (1937-2016) and the Mr. Jerome M. (1921-2003) and Mrs. Jerome M. Ash (1930-2013) collection, Detroit, Michigan.

Jerry Pabst (1937-2016)

Gerald “Jerry” Pabst was born and grew up in Colby, Kansas where his family raised horses. With an undergraduate degree from Kansas State University and Master’s degree from Fort Hays State University Jerry moved to Omaha where he first taught art in the public schools for four years until he was promoted to district art coordinator, a position he held for 31 years. In his capacity as coordinator, Jerry worked tirelessly to provide a quality art curriculum in the Omaha public school system.

Jerry parlayed his immense knowledge and love of art into a thriving estate sale business, when he was not globetrotting and adding to his collection. In 1994, together with his longtime partner Bill Bures, they purchased the Omaha Center Movie Theater and converted it into a gallery where they held their Collectors Choice Sales. Jerry’s personal collection was diverse, highly refined and vast in scope and number. From important American Southwest paintings to important 19th century European orientalists, over 100 paintings from his estate will be offered on this sale. Additionally, Jerry’s collection included over 100 pieces of Tiffany including over 20 lamps. Furthermore, also to be offered will be French furniture, oriental carpets, important European porcelain, furnishings and decorative arts, which were also part of his spectacular collection that filled his stunningly appointed Omaha residence.

Jerome & Caroline Ash

The Mr. and Mrs. Jerome Ash collection of American and European porcelain glassware and decorative arts was initiated nearly three quarters of a century ago, when Mrs. Ash started collecting while still in college, and none of the pieces from their collection, until now, have ever been offered for sale.

Caroline Ash grew up in the Detroit area and became a Principal in her family business, Perfection Automotive Products, started by her father and where she was later joined by her husband, Jerome. She was first cousins with Lee Grover, of Ray and Lee Grover Antiques, noted experts and authors of books on art glass who perhaps inspired her to collect. Both Mr. and Mrs. Ash traveled extensively for the purpose of adding to their collection items that caught their fancy and they enjoyed nothing more than acquiring a new piece for their diverse collection. Jackson’s is pleased to present the many exceptional and interesting pieces of European porcelain and American and European art glass and decorative arts from the Mr. and Mrs. Jerome Ash lifetime collection.