Lot 12

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A FINE AND INTERESTING RUSSIAN ICON OF THE ANNUNCIATION, 16TH CENTURY.  On the left is the Archangel Gabriel with large peacock styled feathered wings holding a trident form staff upon which rests a disc within a cloud emblazoned with the Greek abbreviation IC – for Jesus and thus signifying the sovereignty of the bearer acting therefore as a seal of Christ. He announces the good news (BLAGOVYESHCHENIE) to Mary of the forthcoming birth of Jesus. At center a hole in the ground represents a well. It is based on the Protoevangelion of James that relates a story that Mary went out to draw a pot of water from the well and as she did she heard the words of the Archangel’s greeting but saw no one; so she returned to her spinning in the house where Gabriel appeared to her and repeated his greeting. A faint image of the infant Christ is rendered upon the chest of Mary signifying the conception by the Holy Spirit depicted as a downward flying dove within a ray of light emanating from God the Father who is seated on His heavenly throne surrounded by seraphim and cherubim on the upper central margin. Interestingly, God the Father (GOSPOD SAVVAOF)- Lord Sabaoth, holds in His left hand a mountain symbolizing the virginal conception of Jesus by Mary, Jesus being the "stone uncut by human hands" of Daniel 2:34, considered in Orthodoxy a symbol for the conception of Jesus by Mary without human (male) intervention. Mary is the mountain, and Jesus is the stone cut from the mountain. The borders cleaned down to the gesso otherwise in an excellent state of original preservation. 11.75 inches x 9.75 inches (30cm x 25cm).

Estimate:  $4,000 - 6,000   € 3,600 - 5,400
Price Realized: $31,250.00

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