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Appraisal FAQ
Your one-stop service for finding out what your artwork and antiques are worth

We can help you value it, appraise it for you, and of course, we are always happy to sell your items! We have compiled some frequently asked questions for you to read through, just in case Jackson’s can be of assistance!

I just want to know what something is worth, do I need an appraisal?

The quick answer to this question is no.  An appraisal is a legal document with very specific protocols to follow.  It is written with a specific reason in mind (the estate needs to file their final tax return, the item is being donated to a museum, there was a loss and an insurance claim has been filed – for a few examples).

Jackson’s is able to also quickly provide feedback as to the value of an item (like an oil painting, for example). We offer an “At-A-Glance” service through which you will receive feedback about your item and its potential value at auction, for no charge. You can also email any member of our sales team.

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How do I figure out what my painting is worth?

The same way we help you figure out what your vase is worth, what your icon is worth, what your Grant Wood is worth, or what your coins are worth (or thousands of other items!).  Just send us a picture and tell us a little about what you have!  It is that simple!  Keep in mind, this is not an appraisal, but we are a resource for you to help determine the true market value of that “thing” and are happy to do so!  We make it easy – simply fill out our “At-A-Glance form, email our Sales Department or you can even text pictures to us!  Call our office to be provided with a number that accepts text messages.

Do you offer complete estate services?

We do!  Our full service estates department is unsurpassed in the marketing and dispersal of estates.  These services include selling high-end art and antiques, as well as moderately priced collectibles.  From inventorying, packing, and moving to complete clean outs, Jackson’s is well versed in helping the estate manager or executor fulfill their duty in a professional and timely fashion.  Both the marketing and fees for these services can be customized to each situation with no up-front cost to the seller.

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Can you sell items for me too?

Of course!  While we do provide appraisal services for those requiring them, our main focus is on being a premier outlet for the marketing and sale of fine art and collectibles.  You can start the process in the same fashion by filling out our “At-A-Glance form, emailing our Sales Department, or call our office for a number that accepts text messages.  We can then provide you with feedback as to what you could expect an item to bring at auction and walk you step-by-step through the consignment process.  From those with a single item to consign to the executor of million dollar estates – we are ready to help you and make what can be a tricky process simple, easy, and successful!

How do I get my items to you?

By plane, train, or automobile!  Just kidding (well, sort of).  If you are unable to bring items to Jackson’s for auction, our experienced staff will arrange for one of our trucks to transport your items to us or help you make adequate shipping arrangements.  We are well-versed in expertly packing and shipping antiques and art, thereby ensuring property arrives safely to our gallery.  Fees for this service can simply be deducted from the proceeds of your sale.

What do you charge to sell my items?

Well, that depends.  We sell items based on a sliding scale commission basis.  Jackson’s is very competitive and for exceptional, quality items will meet or beat any comparable rate.  We pay our consignors out within 30 days of the auction.  Unsure about the auction process?  We can also help arrange private sales for certain items.

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How do you know what my painting is worth?

That’s a complicated one to answer!  But it starts with our experience and ends with an accurate evaluation for you.  In between, we utilize lots of different databases, research sites, and house a comprehensive research library on-site.  Our corporate research library consists of over 3,000 volumes of publications dealing with a vast variety of fine art and antiques.  Vast amounts of research material, coupled with nearly a century’s worth of combined experience between our staff appraisers means that items are accurately identified and properly evaluated.

So are you basically like that TV show that helps people figure out what their antiques are worth?

Not exactly.  But, Jackson’s does offer an “Heirloom Discovery” service that is popular with museums and antique trade shows.  We host a number of discovery events each year which have appeared regularly on television.  This identification and valuation service is offered free of charge and is helpful to both the novice and advanced collector.  At such events, Jackson’s has discovered rare and extremely valuable items previously destined to a life in a dusty attic or dark basement.  Contact our Appraisal Director for more information.

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